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Having always had an admiration of photography, I decided to undertake a cert III in my final years of school. Undertaking this course, I was instantly infatuate towards becoming a professional photographer.  Commencing the diploma allowed me to develop my own personal style and develop a vision of which aspect I predominantly proposed to focus on. My photography has been influenced by my love of horses. Combining these two elements and becoming an equine photographer to me, is the best job I could possibly envisage.

I also however fully appreciate the endless creative aspects which can be implanted into commercial shoots such as generating elaborate scenes to reflect the essence of perfume bottles.

Photography allows me to express and deliver my creativity. I greatly enjoy how inventive I can be and that each photoshoot always differentiates, providing new challenges and opportunities to expand. Likewise, constantly observing concepts and visions coming to life is wonderfully fulfilling, along with continued development; is motivating and truly inspires me to cultivate new idea's.




Certificate III in Design Fundamentals - Photo Imaging

Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging 


The following awards were judged by the AIPP (Australian institute of Professional Photography)

2016 - Silver Print Award

2017 - Silver Print Award

2017 - Gold Print Award


2017 - Second Place, Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging 

The Beenleigh Agricultural Show

2018 - 1st Place, Class 6

2018 - 1st Place, Class 26

2018 - 2nd Place, Class 26

2018 - Overall Champion

Jasmine Dunmore - Qualified photographer based in Brisbane


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